11 Methods to Reduce Wear of Rails

11 Methods to Reduce Wear of Rails

In addition to coning of wheels and providing proper superelevation curves, the following methods are employed to reduce the wear of rails:

11 Methods to Reduce Wear of Rails
  1. By using the special alloy steel rails at places where wear is considerable.
  2. By regular tightening of fish bolts and packing of ballast.
  3. By reducing the number of joints by welding.
  4. By welding or de-hogging battered ends of rails in time.
  5. By regular maintenance of track with special attention to the joints.
  6. By maintaining the correct gauge.
  7. By using bearing plates.
  8. By lubricating the gauge face of the outer rail on curves regularly.
  9. By interchanging the inner and outer rails and changing faces at curves.
  10. By providing check rails at curves.
  11. By application of heavy mineral oil under an adverse atmosphere.

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