10 Difference Between Flexible and Rigid Pavements

10 Difference Between Flexible & Rigid Pavements

Following are the 10 differences between flexible pavements(Bituminous) and rigid pavements(cement concrete) are described below:

SL.NOFlexible Pavements(Bituminous road)Rigid Pavements(Cement concrete road)
2.The initial cost of the construction is low for flexible pavements.The initial cost of the construction is high for rigid pavements.
3.Life span is short.Life span is long.
4.Construction joints are not required.Construction joints are essentially required.
5.Repair work is easy.Repair work is difficult.
6.They can be opened to traffic shortly after construction.They can not be opened to traffic shortly after construction.  
7.bituminous pavements are less durable.Cement concrete pavements are more durable.
8.They are more resilient to the traffic load.They are less resilient to the traffic load.
9.They offer more tractive resistance.They offer less tractive resistance.
10.Their maintenance cost is high.Their maintenance cost is low.
 11 Moderate skill and less supervision are required.A high degree of skill and more supervision is required.



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