18 Comparison Between Stone Masonry and Brick Masonry

Comparison Between Stone Masonry and Brick Masonry

Both brick masonry and stone masonry have some advantages and disadvantage, Following are the 18 difference or comparison between stone masonry and brick masonry:

18 Comparison Between Stone Masonry and Brick Masonry

1. Brick masonry is economical than stone masonry.

2. Stone is much stronger, durable and weather resistant than brick.

3. Because of more strength, durability and weather resisting characteristics, the stone is used in the construction subjected to more rigorous and severe conditions. Brick masonry under such conditions may not last long.

4. Stone masonry is less resistant to fire than brick masonry

5. Doors and windows frame can be fixed easily in case of brick work.

6. Bricks are available in regular in size, and they can be used with a certain pattern which is known as ‘brick bonds’. But, in stone masonry, no definite pattern is possible due to their different shape and size.

7. A brick wall may be constructed as thin as 10 cm. But in case of a stone wall, the thickness of the wall is usually not less than 38 cm.

8. Stones are not available everywhere so that the construction of stone masonry is possible only in some places where the stones are easily available. But brick work can be done anywhere because bricks can be manufactured anywhere by establishing brick kilns.

9. Due to the large size of the stone, it is difficult to handle. But brick can be easily handled as they are small in size.

10. Less skilled labour required in brick masonry as compared to stone masonry.

11. Brick work is more progressive than stone work.

12. In brick work no dressing is needed whereas in stone masonry proper dressing is required.

13. Bricks are easily affected by chemical reactions due to present in salts in urine or sewage, but the stone masonry is not affected by such reaction.

14. Plaster on stone work is not required, whereas plaster on brickwork is required to protect the surface of the brick from environmental effect.

15. Brick is light in weight, but the stone is heavy in weight.

16. In stone masonry, different joints are required whereas in brick masonry different bonds are used.

17. Life of brick masonry is less than stone masonry.

18. Dead load of stone masonry is more than brick masonry.

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