Causes of Damaged Rails || Railway Engineering

Causes of Damaged Rails

Damaged rails are the rails that should be replaced because they are becoming unsafe for a railway track. Damage to the rails may be caused by one or more of the following reasons:

Causes of Damaged Rails || Railway Engineering

i. The wear of rails.
ii. The defect, during the manufacture of rails.
iii. Due to excessive hogging in rails.

iv. Careless unloading or handling
v. Loose sleepers at joints.
vi. The improper striking of rails while fixing the sleepers.

vii. Incorrect superelevation at curves.
viii. Slipping or skidding of wheels due to overloading or sudden application of brakes.
ix. Due to the damage of the outer portion of the wheels.

x. The excessive moving speed of the trains, which increased the existing defects in rail.
xi. Bending or breaking due to an accident.
xii. Bending of rails to sharp curves.

xiii. loose fish bolts.
xiv. Poor maintenance of the railway track.
xv. Kinks effects in rails.

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