Kinks in Rails || Railway Engineering

Kinks in Rails

Kinks are formed when the end of the adjoining rails move slightly out of their aligned position.

Kinks in Rails || Railway Engineering

Causes of Kinks effects?

i. Due to loose packing at the position of rails joints.
ii. Defect in gauge.
iii. Wrong alignment.
iv. Due to irregular wear of rail head at the location of rails joints, kinks are formed.
v. Defect in cross-level at joints.

What are the effects of kinks?

When a train passes over a kink effect rail, it produces unpleasant jerks, which reduce the comfort level of the passengers.

A series of kinks in rails leads to a serious risk during the turning of trains in a curve path.

Kinks prevent the train from running smoothly

How to remove kinks effects?

➤ By taking proper maintenance of the rail track.
➤ By taking Proper and frequent inspection of the rail track.
➤ By Providing a correct alignment and gauge.
➤ Proper packing at joints.
➤ By using Proper packing materials.
➤ Welding at the worn position of rails.

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