Difference Between Plasticizer And Superplasticizer

Difference Between Plasticizer And Super Plasticizer

An admixture capable of reducing water requirements by more than 5% is classified as water reducer or plasticizer. Depending upon the degree of water reduction, the water reducers are categorized as normal water reducer, mid-range water reducer and high-range water reducers or superplasticizer.  

The normal water reducer reduces the water content by 5 to 10%. The mid-range water reducer reduces the water content by about 10 to 15%. The high-range water reducer(HRWR) or superplasticizers are capable of reducing water content by about 20 to 40%.  

The superplasticizers are principally surface reactive agents. They give a negative charge on individual cement particles such that they are kept in a dispersed or suspended state due to inter-particle repulsion. Thus they give high mobility to the particles.

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