What is Damp Proofing Admixture

What is Damp Proofing Admixture

Damp proofing admixture also is known as waterproofing or permeability reducing admixture.  

One of the most important requirements of concrete is that it must be impervious to the water. The resistance of concrete to the penetration of moisture can be improved by adding chemically active water-repelling agents.   

Dam proofing admixtures prevent the water penetration of dry concrete or stop the passage of water through unsaturated concrete.  

In general, dam proofing admixtures have no significant effects on setting time of cement and compressive strength of concrete. However, bleeding is reduced, the durability of concrete is increased and drying shrinkage is reduced.   

Waterproofing or dam proofing admixtures or say permeability admixtures may be obtained in powder, paste or liquid forms. They may consist of pore-filling or water repellent materials.

The chief materials in the pore filling class are silicate of soda, aluminium and Zink sulphate etc. Soda, Potash shop, Vegetable oils, Waxes etc. are added as water-repelling materials.

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