6 Difference Between Prestressed and Reinforced Cement Concrete

Difference Between Prestressed and Reinforced Cement Concrete

Following are the 6 differences between prestressed concrete and reinforced cement concrete:

Reinforced Cement Concrete

1. In reinforced cement concrete(R.C.C) only the position of concrete above N.A is useful in resisting external forces.

2. Minutes cracks may be developed in the tension zone of concrete.

3. It requires mild steel and concrete of lower grade.

4. Costly tensioning equipment and anchoring devices are not necessary.

5. R.C.C needs more quantity of concrete and steel, which results very heavy section.

6. It requires ordinary supervision.

Prestressed Concrete

1. In prestressed concrete, the whole of the concrete is useful in resisting the external forces.

2. The technique of prestressing eliminates cracking of concrete.

3. It requires high tensile steel and concrete of higher grade.

4. It requires costly tensioning equipment and anchoring devices.

5. In prestressed concrete, needs less quantity of concrete and steel as compared to R.C.C, thus saving in weight.

6. It requires perfect supervision at all stage of construction.

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