Door Sweep – Types & How to Install?

Door Sweep

No door is 100% secure. Doors do not provide a fully leakproof seal against blowing dirt, cold winter breeze, running water or pests and insects. These leaks can become a problem in some areas, where insects or pests are an enormous problem and are difficult to control.

Door Sweep - Types & How to Install
Door Sweep – Types & How to Install?

Suppose your house is near any forest and you need a complete protection against any pest or reptiles that might enter your house through these door gaps.

If we extend these doors in a way that, there is no space between the floor and the edge of the door, it would seal all the leaks which were creating issues. But, this option is not viable because if the door is dragged on the floor, it would be a very difficult task to open or close the doors.

To overcome this situation, “Door Sweeps” is the best alternative. Which does not create any difficulty in operating these doors. The door sweep is a brilliant solution to all the above-mentioned problems.

Generally, door sweeps are narrow rubber or plastic barriers, designed in such a way that it fills the gap between the floors and the door completely without creating any fuss.

In cold climates where snowfall or snowstorms are quite common, snow or cold breeze may enter your house if your doors are not properly insulated. Door sweeps insulate your doors against snow and cold breeze and keep your house safe.

The price of a door sweep is around $10 to $50 or even more, it depends on made-up material and its quality.

Types of Door Sweep

There are many materials used to make door sweeps, such as plastic bristles, rubber, foams, etc. On the basis of shape and material, door sweeps are categorized as strip door sweeps, bristle door sweeps and under door sweeps.

Strip door sweep has strips with adhesive, bristle door sweep has bristles and under door sweeps are designed to slide beneath the doors effortlessly.

Strip Door Sweep

A perfect definition of convenience, strip door sweeps are as easy to install as peeling a banana. Providing convenient protection against pests, dirt, cold breeze, etc., strip door sweeps have set a benchmark in the field of effectiveness and practicality.

Strip Door Sweeps
Strip Door Sweeps

They are mainly popular for their simple installation process. No professional skills are required for installing a strip door sweep. They do their job effectively without occupying much space and provide hassle free use and you will not pose any difficulty to replace.

Now, some strip door sweeps are adhesive, i.e. they have adhesive strips which helps it to adhere on any side of the door, and these adhesives are industrial quality adhesives, so you do not have to worry about them falling off.

These adhesive door sweeps are best for people who are not trained or do not have any professional tools and skills, but there are some strip door sweeps that require skills and tools to install. Although, you need to have tools, but the installation process is very simple.

These strip door sweeps have rigid metals mounts or plastic mounts, which are attached to the bottom edge of the door. So basically the main idea is to attach strip door sweeps at the bottom of the door in such a way that there is no obstruction in the functioning of the door.

Bristle door sweep

As the name suggests, Bristle door sweeps have a strip of plastic bristle that is attached to the bottom edge of the door. These are not very different from strip door sweeps, they have bristles strip in the place of solid strips.

Bristle door sweeps
Bristle door sweep

The gap between the door and floor is occupied by a strip of fine brush-like bristles. But there are disadvantages of using bristle door sweeps instead of solid rubber or plastic strips sweep, because it can not provide protection against bugs, pests and air properly. Bristles have internal spaces that alter their performance.

Although they look unique, they lack practicality in their design, which makes them a second-tier choice with respect to strip door sweeps. The only advantage of bristle door sweep is that it creates minimum friction, which in turn improves the opening and closing of the door.

Under-door sweep

Under door sweep is mostly made of soft foam, which is good for its application. Under door sweeps provide the tightest seal among all the door sweeps available.

Under-door sweeps
Under-door sweep

Due to its “B” shaped structure, it slides under your door holding the bottom edge of the door in the crest between its raised sides. Since they are made up of soft foam material, their installation is one of the easiest.

Firstly, you need to measure the length of your door’s bottom edge. After that, you have to cut your door sweep according to the measured length and fix them.

After this, you can easily slide it under your door and you are ready to go. Because of its design, it provides the best protection against pests and air.

How to Install a Door Sweep

First of all, we need to know where to install door sweeps. A door sweep should be always installed on the external side of your door. This will ensure that pests, dirt or snow will not enter your house from the bottom gap, and also prevents the collection of snow, dirt and pests underneath the door.

How to Install a Door Sweep

As mentioned earlier, strip style door sweeps are the easiest to install. Due to its adhesive strip, it is very convenient for its user. It clings onto the edge of the door and adheres strongly. We should maintain the level of the strip door sweep and ensure a proper space between it and the floor so that there is no friction.

If you have mounted it, you have to screw it down to make the attachment rigid and solid. Strip door sweeps and bristle door sweeps are installed in this way. They are practically the same apart from the design.

Under door sweeps are also easy to install. They slide beneath the door very easily. Just measure, cut and slide that’s all that you need to do. Installation is easy but if your door sweep is damaged or bent, you have to replace it. Replacing a door sweep is not an issue. It is as easy as installing them.

Door sweeps provide additional protection to the doors, as they cover the leaks that are generally an issue with doors. They are cost-efficient, practical and effective and prevents unwanted pests and other things from entering our homes. There are different designs available according to an individual’s requirement. The best part of door sweeps is that they are user friendly. They do not create any issues and are easy to maintain.

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