Different Types Of Doors Used in Building And Their Uses

Types Of Doors at Specific Locations And Their Uses

Following 11 types of door and their uses are described below:  

11 Types Of Doors at Specific Locations And Their Uses

1) Battened and Ledged Doors

These doors are used in places where strength and appearance are not important.

2) Battened, Ledged and Braced Doors

These doors are widely used in bathrooms, water closets, and some situations where appearance is of secondary importance.

3) Battened, Ledged, Framed and Braced Doors

These doors can be adopted for external use.

4) Framed and Paneled Doors

These are the most usual variety of door and widely used in private buildings.

5) Glazed or Sash Doors

These doors are extensively used in posh residential buildings as well as in public buildings. 

6) Sliding Doors

They are commonly used for the entrance of go-downs, shops and gardens. 

7) Collapsible Doors

These doors are mostly used for schools, sheds, godowns, compound gates etc.

8) Revolving Doors

The Revolving doors consist mainly of a centrally located mullion or pivot in a circular opening. The revolving shutters or leaves which are four or three in number are radially attached to the pivot. 

Revolving Doors
Revolving doors

The radiating shutters can be completely glazed, fully panelled or partially panelled. The shutters are enclosed in a vestibule. The rubbing ends or edges of the shutters are provided with rubber weathering strippings, which prevent a draught of air.

Simultaneously these doors provide access to the entrance on one side and the exit on the other, and automatically, keeping the door closed when not in use.

The revolving doors are used in big hotels, banks, office buildings, and other such places where a continuous flow of pedestrian traffic is persistent.

9) Swing Doors

These types of doors are generally provided in Passage of public buildings like banks, coffee houses, big hotels, etc.

10) Rolling Steel Doors

These types of doors are generally provided for garages, show roods, shops, godowns e.t.c.

11) Louvered doors

These doors may be provided in sanitary blocks of public buildings, residential buildings.

Louvered doors are also known as Venetian doors. In this type of doors, the shutters are provided with louvers, either fully or partly. 

Louvered Doors
Louvered doors

Thin parallel lovers of timber, steel or glass are placed horizontally one above the other at such an inclination that the horizontal vision is obstructed. The louvers may be movable or fixed.

In the case of the louvered doors with fixed louvers, the upper back edge of any louver is kept higher than the lower front edge of the louver just above it. The louvers should always be kept sloping away from the inner side of the door so that rainwater may not enter through them.

In the case of the louvered doors with movable louvers, a verticle piece of timber is provided to which the louvers are attached through hinges. The louvers can be moved up or down with the help of the vertical piece of timber.

The louvered door allows free passage of air when closed and at the same time maintain privacy. They are used for sanitary blocks of public buildings, residential buildings, etc. The louvered doors should be periodically cleaned.

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