Flow Net and their Properties

Flow Net

The network formed by the flow lines and is the pattern which shows the path of flow as well as the dissipation of potential in a system of seepage through a layer of soil.

8 Properties of Flow Net

Following 8 properties of flow net are described below

  1.  The flow lines and equipotential lines  meet at right angles to each other
  2.  Two flow line never cross each other.
  3.  Two equipotential lines never cross each other.
  4.  Flow and equipotential lines are smooth curves.
  5.  The quantity of water flowing through each flow channel is the same.
  6.  The same potential drop occurs between the successive equipotential lines.
  7.  Two flow lines or equipotential line never start from the same point.
  8.  Smaller the field, greater will be a hydraulic gradient.

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