Functions of Thin Bituminous Surface

Functions of Thin Bituminous Surface 

The following are the functions of the thin bituminous surface:

⇨The thin bituminous surface course prevents the surface water from entering the layers of the pavement at the time of rain, and thus, it acts as a guard for the base and other layers of the pavement below.

Functions of Thin Bituminous Surface

⇨With proper surfacing and an effective drainage layer, the soil subgrade can be kept in a comparatively dry condition, and its stability can be retained.

⇨The thin bituminous surfacing acts as a wearing course for the traffic. Even in dry weather, it provides a dust-free pavement surface.

Bituminous surface courses of different types and specifications are in use in India. Thin bituminous layers such as Surface Dressing,  20 mm thick Pre-mixed Bituminous Carpet with Seal Coat and 20 mm thick Mixed Seal Surface are usually used in the wearing course of roads with low traffic volume with less proportion of heavy commercial vehicles.

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