8 Requirements of an Ideal Rail

8 Requirements of an Ideal Rail

The requirements of an ideal rail are as follows:

1. An ideal rail should be of adequate steel composition and manufactured by open hearth or duplex process.

Requirements of an Ideal Rail

2. The vertical stiffness of an ideal rail should be high in order to transmit the load to the below sleepers.

3. The head of the rail should have enough depth to allow for vertical wear.  

4. The wearing surface of the rail should be hard enough.

5. The web and foot should be of sufficient thickness so as to withstand stress after allowing for loss due to corrosion.

6. The foot of an ideal rail should be wide enough for stability against overturning.   

7. The design of the rail section should be such that it can be economically and efficiently acted.

8. It is recommended that the tensile strength of a rail should be always more than 72 kg/sq.m.

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