Side Drain

Side Drain

Side drain is a longitudinal drain which is parallel provided to the road. The main purposes of providing side drain are collecting and disposing of the surface water.

Side Drain
Side Drain

They are usually trapezoidal in shape given by cutting the subgrade soil at an appropriate range from the road surface.

For roads in embankment, the distance of side drains should not be less than 1.85m from the toe of the embankment. 
For roads in cutting, side drains are provided just after the shoulder edges.

Types of Side Drain

Generally, side drains are two types which are as follows:

  • Closed or covered drain
  • Open drain

Closed Drain

The closed drain is one type of side drain, This type of drain is constructed at a place where there is a limitation of space and construction of an open drain is unacceptable. Closed drains are of two types: (a) Drain provided with gratings. (b) Jelly drain.

Open Drain

This is another type of side drain. It is suitable for the place where the traffic volume is very low, and there is no restriction on space.