How to Stay Safe and Calm in a Motorway Accident?

How to stay safe and calm in a Motorway Accident?

Motorway accidents can be traumatic and dangerous. It is important to remain calm and know the steps to take if you find yourself in this situation.

How to Stay Safe and Calm in a Motorway Accident?
How to stay safe and calm in a Motorway Accident?

Every year it is estimated that there are around 20,000 motorway accidents on the UK’s roads. Knowing how to stay safe and calm in a motorway accident can help to reduce the risk of injury or death.

Whether you are planning a trip away or just commuting to work, the possibility of being in a motorway accident is always present. It’s essential to be prepared for such an event and know what steps you should take if it happens.

Why Crash Barriers are Effective?

Crash barriers, also known as Armco Barriers are also effective at reducing the severity of an accident and preventing damage to both vehicles and passengers. The barriers absorb the force of the impact and can reduce the amount of debris that is scattered in the event of a crash. The barriers also help to protect drivers from veering off onto oncoming traffic or into ditches, which can cause further damage.

Crash Barriers are designed to be as effective as possible at absorbing force while keeping drivers and passengers safe. Many modern barriers are made with strong materials and fitted with sensors that can detect impact and direct the force away from drivers.

Overall, Crash Barriers are an effective way to reduce the severity of motorway accidents and protect all involved. By using these barriers in combination with other safety measures, such as staying alert on the road, drivers can help to minimise the risk of serious damage or injury.

Don’t Panic

In a motorway accident, the most important thing to remember is not to panic. Despite the shock and chaos of the situation, it’s essential to remain as calm as possible. This will help you make clear decisions that could eventually save your life or those of others around you. Make sure not to do anything that may put you in further danger, such as getting out of the car or touching any glass.

Call for Help

If possible, call for help immediately. A quick call to the emergency services can ensure that medical help and assistance arrive on the scene quickly. Be sure to give them a detailed description of the accident, any injuries and the current location. A good tip

Check for Injuries

Once you have called for help, check yourself and any passengers in your car for injuries. If there are any injured parties involved, make sure to get medical attention as soon as possible. Be aware of the risk of shock or hypothermia if you have been exposed to cold temperatures while waiting for help to arrive. If anyone has an injury needing immediate attention, ensure they are comfortable and warm while waiting for help.

Record Details

If possible, record all of the details from the accident. This includes taking notes and pictures of the scene and noting down licence plate numbers and names of any other drivers involved. This can be helpful evidence for making an insurance claim or filing a lawsuit. Remember a crime reference number given to you by the police can also be used.

Stay on the Scene

As tempting as it may be to leave the scene of a motorway accident, it is important to stay put until emergency services arrive. Leaving too soon can be seen as an admission of guilt and could lead to criminal proceedings. It is also best to avoid speaking with anyone involved in the accident without the presence of a police officer or other professional witness. Of course, if they are injured and need immediate attention, it is okay to provide basic help, like calling for medical assistance.

Seek the assistance of the Police

Finally, seek the assistance of the police. It is best to be cooperative throughout this entire process and answer any questions honestly. Police officers are trained to deal with motorway accidents efficiently and can provide you with advice on what to do next. The Police also have the power to make an arrest if someone is found guilty of a traffic violation or crime.

Pack essentials in case of an emergency

It is a good idea to always keep some essentials in your car. These can include a first aid kit, food, water and warm clothing. This will ensure you have what you need if help is delayed or if you find yourself stranded on the motorway for an extended period of time. You should always have a fully charged mobile phone in your car to call for help if needed. A mobile charger and breakdown cover number are also good items to keep in your car.

Stay Alert and Be Prepared

It is important to stay alert when driving on the motorway, as this will increase your chances of avoiding an accident in the first place. Always be aware of other cars around you, leave enough space between vehicles

Get to a safe place

Get to a safe place and follow the instructions given by emergency services. Remain vigilant and be sure to assess any injuries while exchanging information with other drivers involved in the accident. By following these steps, you can stay safe and help ensure a smooth resolution of your motorway accident.


Motorway accidents can be dangerous, but following a few simple steps and taking the necessary precautions can help keep drivers and passengers safe. It is important to remain calm, seek assistance from emergency services, stay on the scene and exchange information with other drivers. Additionally, crash barriers are also effective at reducing the severity of an accident and protecting those involved.

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