Maintenance Problem in Hill Roads-Drainage, Snowfall, Avalanche, Landslides

Maintenance Problem In hill Roads

The following maintenance problem in hill roads are commonly arises:

Maintenance Problem in Hill Roads-Drainage, Snowfall, Avalanche, Landslides

1. Maintenance of Drainage Structure

Catch water drains, side drains, catch pits and culverts are often blocked and causes overflowing during rain. Hence, they should be cleared periodically to prevent overflowing during rain.

2. Snow Clearance

During winter accumulation may take place on hill roads. Because of snow accumulation, most of the hill roads at very high altitudes are closed for traffic in winter. In winter snow clearance is done regularly with the machine. 

3. Control of Avalanches

Sometimes a large mass of snow with ice and rock slides down from a mountain which may damage the hill roads. On some sections, special structures called galleries are constructed to reduce the impact of loads or avalanches.

4. Prevention of Landslides

The downward and outward movement of slopes forming material is called landslide. Landslides and slips are the most important problems in the maintenance of hill roads. Traffic movement may be stopped due to landslides. So special care should be given to prevent landslides.

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