Relation Between Porosity(n) and Void Ratio(e) -Soil

Relation Between Porosity(n) & Void Ratio(e) 

By the definition of porosity, we have, n = Vv/V  

Where, Vv = Volume of voids in a given soil mass.  

V= Total volume of the soil mass = Volume of voids in the given soil mass(Vv) + Volume of soil solids in the given soil mass(Vs).  

Thus, n = Vv / (Vv + Vs)

Or, n =  1 / (1 + Vs/Vv) [Both sides diveded by Vv]

Or, n = 1 / (1 + 1/e) [By the definition of void ratio e=Vv/Vs]

Or, n = e / (1 + e)

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