Requirements or Characteristics Of A Good Fine and Coarse Aggregates

Requirements or Characteristics Of  A Good Fine Aggregates

The following are the requirements of good fine aggregate:

  •  It should consist of coarse, angular, sharp & hard grains.
  • A Good Fine Aggregates must be clean & free from coatings of clay and silt.
  •  It should not contain any organic matter.
  • It should be free from hygroscopic salt.
  • It should be chemically inert.
  • It must be strong and durable.
  • The size of its grains should be such that the pass-through 4.75mm I.S sieve & retained entirely on 75 µ I.S sieve.

Requirements Or Characteristics Of A Good Coarse Aggregate

A good coarse aggregate should fulfil the following requirements:

  • It should be angular or cubical in shape.
  • It must be sound & durable.
  • A Good Coarse Aggregate should be absolutely clean and free from any organic matter, chemicals and coating of clay.
  • It should be hard and tough.

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