Segregation of Concrete – 4 Causes and 5 Prevention

Segregation of Concrete

Segregation can be defined as the separation of constituent materials of the concrete mix so that the mix is no longer in a homogeneous condition. It depends upon the proportioning of the mix, handling and placing operation of concrete etc.

4 Causes of Segregation

Segregation may take place under the following circumstances(4 causes):

1. If the proportioning of the mix is improper

2. If the height of drop of concrete is more.

3. If the use of the vibrator is continued for a long time.

4. If the handling, transportation, placing, compacting and finishing of concrete work is not done in a proper way.

5 Prevention of Segregation

A  reliable concrete is one in which all the components are well distributed to make a homogeneous mixture. A sample of concrete exhibits the tendency for segregation, such concrete becomes unsuitable.  

The tendency for segregation can be minimized by taking the following prevention:

1. Proper proportioning the mix.

2. Reducing the height of the drop of concrete.

3. Restricting the use of a vibrator for spreading a heap of concrete over a large area.

4. Reducing the continuing vibration over a long time.

5. Adopting proper handling, transporting, placing, compacting and finishing of concrete.

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