Valletta City – The Most Famous City in Malta


Valletta is the most famous city in Malta. Valletta, the capital city of Malta is one of the most beautiful and smallest cities in Europe. This small island city is best known for its rich history, bastion fortification, architecture, churches, old places, and Baroque art. The city is named Valletta in the name of its founder, Jean Parisot De La Valletta.

Valletta - The Most Famous City in Malta

Valletta is located in the most stunning location between two harbors of the Sciberras Peninsula. The city is a hotspot of historical events and architecture and is considered a World Heritage City in itself by UNESCO. UNESCO declared Valletta as the most potent historic area for its 320 monuments in a small area of 55 ha.

Valletta shares a Mediterranean climate – wet winter and dry summer. This shiniest city in Europe enjoys mild winters for its Oceanic surroundings. Valletta is located between Marsamxetta and the Grand Harbor.

The city is full of Baroque architecture, there are many popular architectures present like – Manoel Theatre, City Gate, Parliament Building, Auberge de Castille, Casa Rocca Piccola, St. John’s Cathedral, The Grand Master’s – Palace, and many others.

Tourism has captured Valletta’s Economy very well. Tourism is the biggest strength and source of Valletta’s economy. And it’s natural because the city has an amazing look that’s enough to lure tourists. Along with tourism, Valletta is also popular for manufacturing electronics products, foreign trade, and services.

The city is itself built in an educative manner. A person who observes the city on a small scale will be able to learn a lot about its history & architecture and will be able to gather a lot of knowledge. The University of Malta – The Valletta Campus is a great place for higher studies. St. Albert the Great – a well-known Church School is also present in the city.

Valletta is the most beautiful and famous city in Malta

Valletta is the cultural city of Malta. They love music, cinema, shows, etc. Some popular festivals are celebrated in the city of Valletta like – the Valletta International Baroque Festival, Malta International Food Festival, Maltese Carnival, Saint Dominic’s Feast, etc.

Valletta has ‘Malta International Airport’ in Luqa town. The city has public transport like buses and taxis. And, buses are the most reliable and cheapest medium of transportation for tourists. But Valletta has some traffic restrictions to maintain the calmness of the city for tourists. In 2021, the Malta Metro project was planned to be built, and Valletta will be the center of the project.

Churches, art, architecture, palaces, Upper Barrakka Gardens, Grandmaster’s Palace, st. John’s Cathedral, the National Museum of Archeology, and Valletta’s city gate are some of the most popular places if you want to visit Valletta once in your life. And local foods are also favored by tourists. Small and peaceful cafes and restaurants in Valletta can also be enjoyable in the Mediterranean weather.

The most common and popular statement about this magnificent city is ” A city built by gentlemen for gentlemen”.

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