What do You Mean Natural Resource

The efficacy and stability of an ecosystem remain constant through the flow of energy and matter through it.

Natural Resource

We regard it as a natural resource, which is connected with the existence of this energy and material, the population and ecosystem. That is all the resources that can fulfill the physical and socio-cultural needs of human beings.

What do You Mean Natural Resource

As the only main source of energy, the sun regulates natural resources and people directly or indirectly utilize this solar power to make people develop their mechanical civilization.

Some natural resources such as solar energy, water, air, food plants and animals that people collect directly from their environment.
But can not use iron, underground water, and other mineral resources directly.

It is the duty of modern people to know about the source, nature of these assets and the nature of the use because otherwise, the overuse and misuse of these assets will result in the destruction of thousands of years of civilization in the near future.

Keeping in mind the huge demand for resources in the coming days, we have to make appropriate plans.

Currently, conventional energy sources meet the demand for 90% of energy from coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc. So, there is a possibility of running out of these non-renewable resources in the near future. Should be more motivated to search and use for Non-renewable resources.

With the use of traditional energy sources and advanced technology, the demand for energy resources will be meet next time.

People need to be more aware of the use of resources. Reservation of assets is an important thing, which will help to meet the needs of the present and the coming days.

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