12 Types of Classification of Hill Roads

Types of Hill Roads

The road constructed in the area having 25 percent or more cross-slope is called the hill road or Ghat road. 12 types of hill roads are described below:

Types of Hill Roads

Generally, Hill roads are classified as 
1. National highway 
2. State highway 
3. Major district road 
4. Other District road 
5. Village roads 
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Hill roads can also be classified as: 
1. Motor roads 
2. Bridle rods 
3. Village path

1. Motor Roads

In the hilly regions, motor roads are the main communication system. These roads are suitable for all types of traffic. Hence, this road can be used by all sorts of traffic. These roads can have one or more lane width.

2. Bridle Paths

Bridle paths are the main roads for pedestrian traffic, these paths are used by pedestrians and Mule traffic. Bridle paths serve as feeder roads to motor roads. General, they are 2 m to 3 m in length and 1 in 8 to 1 in 10 in slope. If these roads are to be used by a jeep, the width should be kept between 2.45m to 3.65m.

3. Village Paths

The village paths act as a connector between villages and other important areas in hilly regions. These are usually 1m to 1.2 m wide and may have a slope of more than 45 degrees. For these types of paths, the recommended value of the ruling gradient is 1 in 7.5 and the limiting gradient is 1 in 5.

As per Border Roads Organization, the hill roads are classified as
1. National highways
2. Class 9 ( 6m wide for 3 tonnes vehicles)
3. Class 5 (4.5 m wide for 1 tonnes vehicles)
4. Class 3 (2.45 to 3.65 m for jeeps)

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