10 Advantages of Glass Block Masonry

10 Advantages of Glass Block Masonry

26th March 2020 0 By Malay Sautya

Advantages of Glass Block Masonry

Following are the 10 advantages of glass block masonry:

10 Advantages of Glass Block Masonry

1. It is non-porous and impervious.

2. It does not absorb moisture from the atmosphere.

3. The light getting in through these block panels is diffused and may be given any desired tings of colour, pleasing to eyes.

4. It has a high degree of thermal insulating property.

5. As the surface of the glass block masonry is even and smooth, it does not catch dirt. It can also be easily cleaned.

6. It does not allow condensation on the inside surface, in cold countries, which is very great advantages in certain industries where high humidity has to be controlled within the building.

7. It has great noise reducing property. Though, the sound insulation property depends on the thickness and size of the glass and air space between the glass.

8. It is considered more sanitary.

9. If used on the external wall, window openings are not required as sufficient light is admitted through blocks themselves.

10. It provides good privacy condition by obstructing clear visibility from outside.

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