Best Ceiling Design Ideas – Ultimate Guide

Best Ceiling Design Ideas

Are you bored of the Boring white ceilings of your room and want to bring a change to the ceilings of your house? Then here are some of the most beautiful and used ceiling designs that would bring life to a room. We are going to talk about the below ceiling designs and which one should choose according to their taste. We will see not only the modern ceiling designs but also the old ones that have not been used as such but have great potential in them. So, let’s start and take a look at some best ceiling design ideas.

1. Painting the Ceiling

The ceilings of a house are often overlooked and we most usually see white color being used on the ceiling of a house. Many people want to have ceilings in different colors. Those who want to change the color of their ceiling should try contrasting colors for sure.

A room with light colors on its walls and furniture when paired with a deep bold shade that is used on its ceiling makes a real difference. You may also like – Function of Paint.

The bold color pops out and makes the room look more mesmerizing and attractive. This could make a small room look more spacious and amazing. It is a must-try for those who love dark shades and forever wanted to have a ceiling with dark colors.

2. Glossy Finish on the Ceiling

Nowadays, having a ceiling with a glossy finish has become a major trend all over the world. The onlookers will be amazed by the beauty of the room. Moreover, with light colors and proper furniture, the room looks bigger than it is. However, one thing that must be kept in mind is that if the paint is used on the ceiling no bumps are to be left or ruin the charm of the ceiling.

A stretch ceiling is an alternative to paint and it is an artificial wave by which a more shiny and attractive-looking ceiling could be achieved. There are hundreds of different colors and styles of stretch ceilings. Wood and high gloss paint can also be used to achieve a glossy ceiling as well.

3. Brick and Stone Design on the Ceiling

Using brick and stone design in the ceiling of a room brings the feeling of earthly elements and warmth to the room. The brick color and the design could be used in a ceiling and with it, matching furniture will be a heavenly combination. Wooden furniture is something that brings more warmth to a room with a brick ceiling design. You may also check – Best Furniture Stores Online.

There is a pattern known as the herringbone pattern that looks the most beautiful when used in brick and stone ceiling designs. There are certain things like the size of the brick or the rock, the types of bricks, and the amount of mortar that is visible. These things help in creating a unique texture and bring out the beauty of this style of ceiling design.

4. Metal Ceiling Design

The Use of metals for celling is a very cool setup. Although it is not a new type of ceiling design, it is used very rarely. To many, it seems like a dull type of design. However, those who have an eye for beauty will surely understand how cool metal ceiling designs are. The design is made from things that are usually seen on the outside of a house. But very few know that proper understanding and use of these metals can make the ceiling of a house more attractive.

The ceilings are designed by cutting the metals and giving them different shapes and sizes or even different types of patterns. Many think that it would bring a rustic or an old look to the room. But to be frank, if the metals are used properly and painted or designed properly they would bring a unique type of beauty that is very rarely seen. Along with the metal ceiling, proper furniture which complements the ceiling will surely enhance the beauty of the room.

5. Three-Dimensional Ceiling Design

A three-dimensional ceiling design is a very beautiful concept and is for sure an attention grabber. Nowadays, 3D designs are very commonly used ceiling designs. Many would think that it is very expensive to do ceiling designs in 3D. However, it is not as expensive as it looks. Design that is created on the ceiling is an art itself and it seems like it is hanging from the ceiling.

It is a very good but very complex design that can achieve different types of textures and looks pleasing to the eye. It should be done in contrasting color with the color of the ceiling to bring out its beauty of it. The designs are a show stopper for sure and in this modern age, it will make one room feel modern. Contrasting color decors and compliment furniture with the ceiling will make the room even more attractive and beautiful. Everyone who sees the room will be overwhelmed by such a design and keep on gazing up at the ceiling for a long time.

6. Layered Ceiling Design

A layered ceiling design is something that looks very simple but is very beautiful and more complex. This design is something that is one step above the 3D design. It works both as a selling design as well as the decor of the room.

Wooden planks and beams along with some bold lights complement the creation of a layered ceiling design. The beauty of this design is enhanced by the use of lights. The intensity of the lights and the shadows created by them work together to form a great combination. This type of design is usually seen in very large rooms or places. Along with the wooden ceiling, wooden furniture would make the room more attractive and beautiful.

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