Calculate the Correct Length of the Tape – Mathematics Problem & Solution

Mathematics Problem – Example:

A line of true length 500 m, when measured by a 20 m tape, is reported to be 502 m long. The correct length of tape is?

Calculate the length of vector
Calculate the length of vector



  • True Length = 500 m
  • Measured Length = 502 m

The line is measured long (502-500) = 2 m. Hence, the tape is short by some length and the actual length is not 20 m.


True Length of Line =  \frac{{l}'}{l}\times measured length

Or,  500 = \frac{{l}'}{20}\times 502

Or,  \frac{500\times 20}{502} = {l}'

Or,  {l}' = 19.92 m

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