7 Uses Of Surveying

7 Uses Of Surveying

Surveying may be used for the following various purpose:

7 Uses Of Surveying

1. Engineering Surveying

Engineering surveying is used for the design and construction of a new project such as road, railway, building, city, towns etc.

2. Topographical Surveying

To prepare a topographical map, which shows the hills, rivers, valleys, forest, village, towns, etc. of a country.

3. City Surveying

City surveying, which is used to locate the streets, water supply, sanitary system etc. 

4. Cadastral Surveying

Cadastral surveying, which is conducted in order to produce plans of property boundaries for legal purpose.

5. Astronomic Surveying

Astronomic surveying is used to determining latitudes, longitudes, azimuths, local time etc. for the various places on the earth.

6. Geological Surveying

To prepare a geological map, which shows the information about different strata of the earth surface for the purpose of the geological studies.

7. Photogrammetric Surveying

Photogrammetric surveying is used for obtaining topographical details of large areas which are difficult to access.

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