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E-Waste – MCQ

1. E-waste is also known as

a) Electronic waste.
b) Essential waste.
c) European waste.
d) Household waste.

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a) Electronic waste.

2. Which one of the following is an example of e-waste?

a) Nuclear wastes, medical wastes, toxic industrial wastes, etc.
b) Plastic bags, cardboard boxes, corroded metals, etc.
c) Beverage cans, packaged boxes, plastic bottles, etc.
d) Sensors, alarms, sirens, TV, etc.

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d) Sensors, alarms, sirens, TV etc.

3. Which one of the following is wrong about Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs)?

a) They were used in television sets.
b) They do not pose any environmental threat as such.
c) They have a high content of carcinogens and heavy metals.
d) They release toxins into the soil, air, and groundwater.

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b) They do not pose any environmental threat as such.

4. What is the most widely used method for e-waste disposal?

a) Burning
b) Recycling
c) Disintegration
d) Land-filling.

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D ) Land-filling.

5. Name some of the most hazardous leachates found in land-fills.

a) Copper, and Bromine.
b) Mercury, Cadmium, and Lead.
c) Lithium, Beryllium, and Bromine.
d) Boron, Fluorine, and Hydrogen.

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b) Mercury, Cadmium and Lead.

6. What are the adverse effects of mercury on health?

a) Lung Cancer.
b) Damages kidneys and brain.
c) Softens bones.
d) Asthmatic bronchitis.

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b) Damages kidneys and brain.

7. When did the E-waste (management and handling) rules, 2011 come into effect?

a) January 1, 2012
b) March 1, 2012
c) May 1, 2012.
d) July 1, 2012

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c) May 1, 2012.

8. Which cities produce the highest e-waste in India?

a) Mumbai and Delhi.
b) Chennai and Vishakhapatnam
c) Kolkata and Patna
d) Lucknow and Hyderabad

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Mumbai and Delhi.

9. The component beryllium is mostly released from the E-waste of ____

a) Cathode Ray Tubes.
b) Computer plate.
c) Switch board.
d) Microchips.

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c) Switch board.

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