Moorum Ballast – And Their Advantages and Disadvantages

28th November 2019 0 By Malay Sautya

Moorum Ballast

The moorum is a soft aggregate, it is a form of laterite after decomposition. It has red and sometimes a yellow colour. It is used for unimportant lines and sidings. It can prevent water from percolating into the formation.

It is used as an initial ballast for new construction and also as sub-ballast. The most reliable moorum for ballast is that which contains a large amount of small laterite stone.

Advantages of Moorum Ballast

Following are the advantages of moorum ballast:

  1. The moorum ballast can be safely used as a blanket for the new embankment.
  2. It has good drainage properties.
  3. It is easily available in India.

Disadvantages of Moorum Ballast

Following are the disadvantages of moorum ballast:

  1. The moorum ballast is very soft and it turns into dust under heavy loads.
  2. The maintenance of track laid on moorum ballast is very difficult.

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