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What is the Parking Facility?

The availability of an area or area fixed for parking the vehicle in a proper and secure way is known as the parking facility. The parking facility may be indoor or outdoor.

Parking Facility - Q&A
Parking Facility – Q&A

Meaning of Parking Facility

Parking facility means the facility provided for vehicle parking.

What is the parking lot?

A parking lot is a designated area for the parking of a vehicle.

What are the types of parking?

Parking or parking facility is broadly classified into the following two categories:

1. On-street or kerb parking
2. Off-street parking

On-street or kerb parking is further classified into the following types:

a) Parallel parking
b) Angle parking

Off-street parking is also classified into the following types:

a) Surface parking
b) Multi-storeyed parking garages

Which type of angle parking is preferred for the maximum number of parking?

Angle parking is a type of on-street parking facility. It may be at angles 30, 45, or 90 degrees. The maximum number of the vehicle that can be parked per unit length of the kerb is with 90-degree angle parking. However, this will only be possible when there is a scope to park the vehicle at a 90-degree angle.

What is the importance of parking facilities in a mall?

The first thing that comes to your mind when you go somewhere by your car is where to keep your car safely. You will never want to go to a place where you do not have the possibility to park your car.

What is the importance of parking facility in the mall?

A person does not go to the mall just only for shopping but also wants to spend some quality time with his friends or family by watching movies or eating. And, that is only possible when they are able to keep their car safe.

Therefore, it can be said that the parking facility plays a very important role in the case of a mall. It directly affects the number of customers. If there is a proper car parking facility, the number of customers will be more.

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