Portomaso Business Tower – The tallest building in Malta

Portomaso Business Tower

Portomaso Business Tower is a 97.5-meter-tall office building located in St. Julians, Malta. It is the tallest building in Malta with a total of 23 floors in it. Portomaso Business Tower has been the tallest building in Malta since its completion in 2001. The tower provides stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the surrounding cityscape, and the picturesque Portomaso Marina. The building was designed by Edward Bencini & Associates in a modernist architectural style. Moreover, one gets a great view of the Portomaso Marina as the tower overlooks it. The main floor of the building is a shopping center and the floors above are used as office spaces and nightclubs that have balconies.

The opening of the tower in St. Julians has been a big positive for the town. Over the years the building has become an important business center of Malta helping in the growth of the town it is located as well. The Portomaso Business Tower was the main attraction of the Portomaso Development project in St. Julians. The town which was a fishing town in the past has now become a tourist spot as well as a hangout spot for many. The building has totally lifted the face value of the place and becomes the most important commercial center of the country.

As the area is the main tourist attraction of Malta, over the years, several luxurious hotels and restaurants have been constructed here. The Hilton Hotel was also a part of the Portomaso Development project adding another feature to this area. The Portomaso Business Tower is also the headquarters of many established and emerging industries like gaming, finance, legal, and IT. This has been possible because of the skilled workforce of the country and the tax incentives of the government which the business gets. The building is in huge demand for office space but due to limited space, many organizations are shifting to other buildings close to this area.

The size of the office space in Portomaso Business Tower is limited to 296 square meters on the floors above the 6th floor. However, from the first to the sixth floor, the office space is 450 square meters. As the building is full of different commercial centers its reception is open 24×7. Moreover, there is optional underground parking with standby backup power generators as well.

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