Ring Water Distribution System – Advantages & Disadvantages

Ring Water Distribution System

Ring water distribution system or Ring system is another method of the layout of distribution pipes. The ring system is also known as the ‘circular system‘. There are mainly four types of methods used for the distribution of water pipes – Dead end system, Grid Iron System, Ring System, and fourth one is Radial System. Here, I will discuss the ring system and its advantages and Disadvantages with a possible image for your better understanding, Let’s see.

In the case of the ring water distribution system, a closed ring of the main pipes is formed around the area where water is to be served. This closed area may be circular or rectangular in shape, depending on the city or town plan.

Ring Water Distribution System - Advantages & Disadvantages
Image: Ring water distribution system or Ring system

In this system, at first, the whole distribution area is divided into rectangular or circular blocks. And, the main pipes are laid on the periphery of these blocks. After the formation of rectangular or circular closed rings, they are further divided into small blocks, and each small block is connected with sub-main pipes.

This type of pipe layout system is very effective for well-planned cities or towns or, places where the demand for water is high.

At every starting point of the sub-main pipe, a cut-off valve or gate is installed. This helps to stop water flow during repair work for a particular block without discontinuing water flow in the rest of the blocks.

In this system, equal pressure is generated at each and every point of the pipes, therefore, distribution is equally manageable for every consumer.

Advantages of Ring System

➔ In this system, Equal pressure is exerted on all the sections of the pipes.

➔ By this method, water is equally distributed to every consumer.

➔ During repair work, a very small area is being affected.

➔ During the fire, more water can be supplied.

Disadvantages Ring system

➔ This system is not suitable for irregularly developed towns or cities.

➔ Required more length of pipes and a large number of cut-off valves.

➔ Required more skilled laborers for the design and installation of this system.

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