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Different Shapes of Sewers

A sewer is an underground pipe used to carry wastewater. Or, we can say it is an underground system used to carry sewage. In this post, I will show you 10 different shapes of sewers with diagrammatic images as well. Mostly circular-shaped sewer is preferred for most places and is suitable for all types of sewage. Shapes of sewer can also be called types of sewer according to their shapes. Let’s begin.

1. Circular Shaped Sewer

Circular sewer is mostly used sewer and is preferred for all types of sewage. This shape of sewer is easy to construct, requires less construction materials and is economical.

Shapes of Sewers - Circular Shaped Sewer
Circular Shaped Sewer

2. Standard Egg-shaped Sewer

In the same flow condition, a standard egg-shaped sewer gives higher velocity as compared to a circular-shaped sewer. Therefore, it is suitable for low flow conditions. The construction process of such types of sewers is difficult and requires more amount of construction materials. Hence, it is costly. A Standard egg-shaped sewer is preferred for combined sewer.

Standard Egg Shaped Sewer Image
Standard Egg-shaped Sewer

3. New Egg-shaped Sewer

The new egg-shaped sewer is also preferred for the combined sewer. The advantages and disadvantages are the same as I said for standard egg-shaped sewer. Read Also – Sewer Appurtenances.

Shapes of Sewers - New Egg shaped Sewer
New Egg-shaped Sewer

4. Horse Shoe Shaped Sewer

As the name suggests, its shape looks like a Horseshoe. Horse-shoe shaped sewer is a large size of sewer mostly preferred for the location where heavy discharge is required. The invert portion may be circular, parabolic or flat. The height of such types of sewer is more than its wide. As the size is large, maintenance work is also so easy.

Shapes of sewers - Horse shoe Shaped Sewer
Horse Shoe Shaped Sewer

5. Parabolic Shaped Sewer

Parabolic-shaped sewer is used for lower quantities of sewage discharge. This is small in size and the upper edge of the sewer is made like a parabola. The invert section of this sewer may be parabolic or elliptical in shape. It is economical as well. Read Also: – Brick Sewer.

Shapes of Sewers - Parabolic shaped sewer
Parabolic Shaped Sewer

6. Semi-Elliptical Shaped Sewer

Semi elliptical shape sewers are mostly preferred for carrying large amounts of sewage. The upper arch of this sewer forms an elliptical shape. The invert of this sewer may be parabolic or elliptical.

Shapes of Sewer Diagram - Semi-Elliptical Shaped Sewer
Semi-Elliptical Shaped Sewer

7. Rectangular Shaped Sewer

A rectangular-shaped sewer is a large sewer mostly used for carrying a large quantity of sewage, it is also used for discharging stormwater. Construction and maintenance work is very easy for this type of sewer. This section is very stable as compared to others. As they are rectangular in shape, the upper and invert both portions are flat.

Different Shapes of Sewer - Rectangular Shaped Sewer
Rectangular Shaped Sewer

8. U-shaped Sewer

As the name suggests, its shape is similar to the English capital letter “U”. The U-shaped sewer is used for heavy discharge of sewage. As it is large in size, it is also used for carrying stormwater as well. The invert portion for such types of sewer is semi-circular in shape. It is also used as a combined sewer. As is it large in size, its maintenance works are also easy. Read Also: – Plastic Sewer.

Shapes of Sewers - U-shaped Sewer
U-shaped Sewer

9. Semi-circular Shaped Sewer

It is suitable for the location where a large sewer is required. The upper arch of the sewer forms a semi-circular shape. It has a large section and is used for heavy sewage discharge. But, it is old and outdated. Hence, it is not preferred at the present time.

Shapes of Sewer - Semi-circular Shaped Sewer
Semi-circular Shaped Sewer

10. Basket Handle Shaped Sewer

Basket Handel shaped sewer is used for the small amount of sewage discharge. Its upper portion is like a basket Handel and its lower portion got the shape of a narrow channel. But its outer surface is circular. It is also an outdated sewer.

Shapes of Sewer - Basket Handle Shaped Sewer
Shapes of Sewers – Basket Handle Shaped Sewer

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