Stone Patti Floors

Stone Patti Floors

In stone regions where stone patties are excavated, their floors are very common. A very large number of stone patties are excavated from the regions of Jodhpur, Kota, and Bhilwara in Rajasthan.

In this region, upper floors of stone patties are preferred to all other types of upper floors. In Jodhpur, usually, 75 mm to 100 mm thick stone patties are excavated, 100 mm thick patty can be used for floor span length upto a 3m.

Kota patties can be used upto spans of nearly 4 m. In case of large span above 3 m, steel or R.C.C girders are used to divide them into a number of small span.

If stone Patti is to be provided on big halls, first of all, the hall is divided into a number of small panels by using big girders at the centre to centre spacing of say 5 m. Now, for further division of panels, small-sized girders may be used over the main girders at right angles, at centre to centre spacing of say 3 m. Lastly 3 m wide panels are directly bridged over by stone patties.

Stone patties can be placed on the bottom flanges or on the upper flanges of the girders. After laying the stone patties, the joints between stone patties are filled with cement mortar and stone clippings.

Stone patties may be cracked or split due to very heavy impact load on it. To overcome this difficulty stone patty are covered by a layer of small bricks laid on edge in lime mortar.

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