What is Nimbyism? Meaning of Nimbyism & Nimby | Example

What is Nimbyism?

When the residents of an area oppose something to be built or done in their locality even if it needs to be built and support strict land use rules, it is called ‘NIMBY’. In short, ‘NIMBY’ bears the meaning ‘not in my backyard’.

Nimbyism Meaning: Such residents oppose development just because they do not like some construction near their houses. If the same thing is made or built away from their home, then they will support it. This type of outlook of the residents is called ‘Nimbyism’ and the residents are called ‘Nimbys’.

There are very few common types of projects that are opposed by Nimbys like – homeless shelters, incinerators, sewage treatment systems, wind farms, solar panels, nuclear waste repositories, etc.

Nimbyism example: Suppose, a metro line is proposed to be built near your home and you are opposing it, but you are ready to accept it if it is constructed away from your house, then you will be called a ‘NIMBY’. And your point of view on the building of the metro line is called ‘NIMBYISM’.

What is the opposite of NIMBYISM?

‘YIMBY’ is the word that indicates the totally contrary meaning of ‘NIMBY’. YIMBY denotes ‘Yes, in my backyard’. The person who supports the development projects is called YIMBY. The opposite term of NIMBYISM is known as ‘YIMBYISM’.

Nimbyism used in a sentence

1. The big box store could not be built due to Nimbyism.

2. The opposition to the wind farm is a case of Nimbyism.

3. It was the Nimbyism of the residents that prevented the construction of a homeless shelter in the area.

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