What Does it Mean by Refurbishment? – Civil Engineering

What Does it Mean by Refurbishment?

The word ‘refurbishment’ is used to indicate the improvement of something, especially buildings. If you are giving a new look to a room or building by cleaning, painting, decorating it, and providing new equipment there, then you are doing the refurbishment of the room or building.

Definition: The process of cleaning, painting, decorating, and re-equipping a room or building to make it more beautiful and attractive, is called ‘refurbishment‘. Read Also: Standard Room Sizes.

Why is it called ‘refurbishment’?

The word ‘refurbishment’ is derived from the Latin word – ‘furbish’ by adding the prefix ‘re’. While the prefix ‘re’ means ‘again’, ‘furbish’ suggests ‘to polish’. So, the meaning of ‘refurbishment’ is ‘to polish again’.

What are the synonyms of ‘refurbishment’?

The most popular synonyms of ‘refurbishment’ are – renovation, upgrading, revampment, remodeling, redecoration, etc.

Use of ‘refurbishment’ in a sentence

➣ Actually, she wished to have a refurbishment of her library.

➣ They are temporarily living in my house, as their home is undergoing refurbishment.

➣ The refurbishment of William’s condo will be done by November.

➣ I can’t hold a party in my flat due to the ongoing refurbishment of it.

What Does it Mean by refurbishing a property?

The refurbishing of the property suggests a new and more attractive look of the property than before.

For example, suppose, you have a house of your own i.e it’s your property. Now, you are wanting to change the look of your property. So, you have replaced the old doors and windows, the tiles of the floor, and the colors of the walls with the new ones and have decorated the house with new equipment and with new furniture. Thus, your property (house) has become more graceful and elegant than before. So, it means you have done the refurbishing of your property.

What is the process of refurbishing?

The refurbishing of a house is done through the following processes – cleaning, painting, decorating, and re-equipping, etc.

Why do we refurbish buildings?

We do the refurbishing of buildings to upgrade the look of the buildings and make the new requirements available there by adding new equipment.