What is the Meaning of Dwelling, Examples, Synonyms

What is the Meaning of Dwelling

Simply, ‘Dwelling’ is the place where you live. It can be your house, apartment, flat, condo, etc.
Suppose, if you are living in an apartment, then that apartment is your dwelling. On the other hand, if you live in a condo, then your dwelling will be that condo.

What are the examples of dwelling?

A dwelling is nothing but a place where people live. So, there can be so many examples of a dwelling. Here are some examples of dwellings – houses, apartments, condos, flats, etc.

What are the synonyms of dwelling?

Residence, abode, habitation, and domicile are the most popular synonyms of the word ‘dwelling’.

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Use of dwelling in a sentence

➢ The man lives under a tree as he has no dwelling.

➢ She was kept under observation at her dwelling in London.

➢ My dwelling is so small that no more than 3 people can live there.

➢ My dwelling is a condo in New York, US.

➢ Not only he but also his whole family lives in his dwelling in the city.

➢ You will be amazed to see her dwelling, it’s a beautiful house.

➢ Their dwelling is now empty as the family went to another city.

➢ His dwelling is totally made of mud and bamboo.

What type of word is ‘dwelling’?

The word ‘dwelling’ is a noun.

What is not considered a dwelling?

The places like – garages, a shed, lawns, gardens, and other rooms or buildings which are used for storage and have no living facilities are not considered a dwelling.

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