Advantages and Disadvantages of Mud Houses

House made of mud is known as a mud house, it is cheap, easy to construct, and environment friendly. As it has some advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mud houses
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mud houses

Advantages of Mud Houses

Following are the advantages of mud houses:

1. Low Construction Cost

The construction process of mud houses is straightforward and requires minimal resources. Hence, the construction cost is low as compared to other construction.

2. Low Labour Cost

There is no need to hire skilled workers. Since the work is so simple that only unskilled or medium-skilled laborers are fine for such construction. Therefore, labor availability and minimum labor charges reduce the overall construction costs.

3. Low Material Cost

Mud is the main component/material that is required to build a mud house and cut straw and water are also required. All the above materials are easily available locally. As they are locally available, there is no need to lose money for transportation purposes as well.

4. Good Resistance to Fire

Mud is a fireproof material. Therefore, a mud house is well resistant to fire.

5. Good temperature insulation

This is one of the best reasons why you should choose a mud house. A mud house is like that they naturally make your house cool in summer and hot in winter. They have good heat insulation properties.

6. Good Sound-Proofing

Mud as a building material has good sound insulation properties. Mud houses can prevent sound press at an extent level through their wall.

Disadvantages of Mud houses

Following are the disadvantages of mud houses:

1. Heavy rainfall and drainage Problems

The most important factor that affects mud houses is poor drainage conditions. Mud can easily absorb water, and too much rain and poor drainage systems can harm mud houses. It may collapse during heavy rainfall if proper protection is not taken.

2. Maintenance

It is true that maintenance is required for every type of house. But, in the case of mud houses, frequent maintenance is required. Floors and walls should be washed frequently by using water and mud, sometimes using cow dunk instead of mud. Otherwise, cracks may be seen on the wall.

3. Large Space

Mud walls are thicker than brick walls, therefore it requires more space for the same room size as others.

4. Affected by insects and animals

Mud houses are easily affected by several types of insects and animals. Ants, rats, etc create pits in the wall and floor of your mud house and can finally damage your house.

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