8 Assumptions of Coulomb’s Wedge Theory

8 Assumptions of Coulomb’s Wedge Theory

6th July 2020 0 By Malay Sautya

8 Assumptions of Coulomb’s Wedge Theory

Following are the 8 assumptions of coulomb’s wedge theory or coulomb’s wedge failure theory

1. The backfill is dry and cohesionless.

2. The backfill is also homogenous and isotropic.

3. The backfill surface is a plane surface and can be inclined.

4 The back of the wall can be inclined.

5. The failure surface is a planner surface which passes through the heel of the wall.

6. The backfill is elastically non-deformable but maybe breakable.

7. The position and the line of action of the earth pressure are known.

8. The sliding wedge is considered to be a rigid body and the dearth pressure is obtained by considering the limiting equilibrium of the sliding wedge as a whole.

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