9 Assumptions of Coulomb’s Wedge Theory

9 Assumptions of Coulomb’s Wedge Theory

Following are the 9 assumptions of Coulomb’s wedge theory or Coulomb’s wedge failure theory

1. The backfill is dry and cohesionless.

2. The backfill is also homogenous and isotropic.

3. The backfill surface is a plane surface and can be inclined.

4 The back of the wall is vertical and can be inclined.

5. The failure surface is a planner surface that passes through the heel of the wall.

6. The backfill is elastically non-deformable but may be breakable.

7. The position and the line of action of the earth pressure are known.

8. Friction is considered between the wall and backfill soil, Therefore, the contact surface is considered rough.

9. The sliding wedge is considered to be a rigid body and the earth pressure is obtained by considering the limiting equilibrium of the sliding wedge as a whole.

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