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Dam – MCQ

1. What is the purpose of constructing a dam?

a) Flood control
b) Irrigation
c) Water supply
d) All of the above

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d) All of the above

2. The foundation soil for the proposed site of the dam should be examined by the method of

a) Soil exploration
b) By lifting weight
c) Both
d) None of these

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a) Soil exploration.

3. Reconnaissance survey are conducted to gathering the information of

a) Nature of dam site
b) Location of labour colony
c) Stack yard
d) All of these

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d) All of these.

4. Contour survey is a part of

a) Geological survey
b) Communication survey
c) Preliminary survey
d) Hydrological survey

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c) Preliminary survey.

5. The cofferdam is a type of dam, which is classified on the basis of

a) Structural behaviour
b) Function
c) Hydraulic behaviour
d) Materials

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b) Function.

6. Overflow dam is a type of dam, classified on the basis of

a) Structural behaviour
b) Hydraulic behaviour
c) Materials
d) None

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b) Hydraulic behaviour.

7. Force act on a gravity dam is

a) Self-weight
b) Water pressure
c) Seismic force
d) Uplift pressure
e) All of these

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e) All of these.

8. The elementary profile of a gravity dam is right angled triangle with base width _

a) \frac{\rho}{\sqrt{H }}
b) \frac{H}{2\sqrt{\rho }}
c) \frac{H}{\sqrt{\rho }}
d) None

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c) \frac{H}{\sqrt{\rho }}.

9. When the total horizontal force acting on the dam is greater than the total verticle force, then the dam may fail by _

a) Overturning
b) Sliding
c) Over stressing
d) Cracking

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a) Overturning.

10. A low dam is designed on the basis of _____

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Elemetary profile.

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