Maintenance of Railway Tunnels

Maintenance of Railway Tunnels

Generally, P.W.I. inspects every tunnel in his section, and he is personally responsible for maintaining the track through tunnel in perfect running condition. The following points should be noted in connection with the maintenance of railway tunnels.

Maintenance of Railway Tunnels

1. It should be noticed whether the structure of the tunnel has weakened, cracked or deteriorated.

2. Any type of movement of the masonry parts should be noticed.

3. Under the safety of engineering signals, the maintenance of tunnels should be carried out.

4. The track through the tunnel should be in line and level.

5. The P.W.I is liable for the safety of trains and the protection of men who are employed for the maintenance of railway tunnels.

6. The dimensions of the tunnel section should conform to the original dimension.

7. The tunnel tracks’ renewal work should be performed with the utmost priority.

8. The side drains of the tunnel should be cleaned periodically.

9. Light and power lines should be checked to ensure they are properly insulated.

10. It should assure that the tunnel ventilation system is working properly.

11. All weep holes should be cleaned properly.

12. The ventilation shaft should be kept free from growth of vegetation.

13. The precautions to prevent any leakage through masonry joints should be taken.

14. The position of level pillars should be monitored periodically.

15. To avoid the effect of corrosion of rails and sleepers should be examined periodically.

16. The lining of the tunnel should be examined.

17. It should be concerned that unwanted machines, tools, and construction materials are not stored in the tunnel.

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