Magnesite Flooring | Building Construction

Magnesite Flooring

Magnesite flooring consists of a dry mixture of magnesium oxide, asbestos, wood flour, or other inert material, and a pigment. At the site of work, to this dry mixture, liquid magnesium chloride is added to form a plastic mix. 

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Magnesite Flooring | Building Construction

For the construction of magnesite flooring, This plastic material can be laid on surfaces of concrete, stone, wood or steel plates, and then trowelled smooth before it hardens. 

The metal surface that comes into contact with this flooring material must contain a coating of bituminous paint.

This flooring material is quite cheap and can be laid over a rough surface about 12mm thick.

This floor is not very attractive and is less durable, and it offers less noise than clay tiles, marble, and terrazzo. This floor can be used in schools and office buildings.

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