Top 10 Tiles Companies in the USA as of 2023

Top 10 Tiles Companies in the USA

The construction of houses and other home-making substances as well as the lifestyle of people changed a lot with new ideas and technologies. Specifically in the USA., tiles were only used for geometric patterns of churches, old homes, monuments, etc. But gradually it became everyone’s first choice to make their floor, wall, and roof perfect. In the U.S.A., tiles were not heavily used before. They liked to use insulating substances like timber and wood. But nowadays, tiles can be in any shape, size, and color.

Top 10 Tiles Companies in the USA
Top 10 Tiles Companies in the USA

Tiles bring our ideas to life in our dreamy homes. Tiles require very low maintenance and nevertheless look so decent that it is preferably high in demand these days than other types of flooring and wall-covering substances. It is durable and very cost-effective material. Tiles are water-resistant and very easy to clean. For those who suffer from dust allergies, tiles are a very good option for them. Dust and water can not make any stain on the tile.

The price of the house with tiles floor is high. When your home has a tile floor, it can be sold at a higher price. In summer, it keeps your house cool and you feel fresh and cheerful. Tiles can easily change your home look. With all these qualities, the tiles floor looks beautiful too and we can choose elegant to rustic, soothing to dark all kinds of tiles that we want. Ceramics and porcelain are the most common tiles options.

At present time, the demand for tile is increasing very fast in the U.S.A market. If your home has a beautiful tile floor, automatically it gives a nice impression. In this article, I will share with you the list of the top 10 best tile companies in the USA as of 2023.

1. Mohawk industries.
2. Arizona tile.
3. Anne sacks.
4. Florida tile.
5. Pave tile.
6. Bedrosians’.
7. Hakatai.
8. Modwalls.
9. Bisazza.
10. Clayhaus Ceramics.
11. Susan Jablon Mosaics.

1. Mohawk Industries

‘Mohawk Industries’ is one of the best tiles companies in the USA, as well as it also holds the first position in the tile market globally. This company is based in Calhoun, Georgia, United States. The company grows from a small carpet weaving enterprise to an average business and from there, its market increased in the U.S.A and it became a big company.

Now, they have several popular tile brands like American Olean, Daltile, Eliane, Kerama Marazzi, Marazzi, Emilgroup, Ragno, and KAI Group. Daltile is one of the best brands in Mohawk Industries and they proudly mentioned that “One out of 3 tiles sold in America is a Dal-Tile product. “Made in the USA”.

Jeffrey Lorberbaum is the chairman and chief executive officer of Mohawk Industries. He has a huge role in the success of Mohawk Industries in Dalton, Georgia. In the beginning, they produced rugs and carpets and it became the largest manufacturer of carpets in the U.S.A.

From there, they start to expand their business. The company has manufacturing facilities in 15 countries. They serve a wide range of ceramic tile, carpet, rugs, laminate flooring, wood, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, residential carpet, commercial carpet, natural stone, slab, quartz, and many more products to their customers through retailers, home centers, distributors, builders, e-commerce sites, etc.

2. Arizona Tile

Arizona Tile, L.L.C. is one of the best tiles companies in the US. John Huarte is the founder of Arizona tile who was a professional footballer before switching his career to business. His best leadership psyche and great focus made this company the best of U.S.A. tiles history. In 1977, the company opened its first store in San Diego, California. The company’s present headquarters is located in Tempe, Arizona, United States.

If you want a great look at your living area, bathroom, kitchen, or even outdoors, they have a vast range of products that will fulfill your vision. It may be residential or commercial buildings, this company provides tiles for all types of buildings. They have the Anthea series which” is a calibrated fusion of numerous natural stone materials giving the product gorgeous depth and color range “. The 24 ” × 48 ” cosmic porcelain can also be a great choice for a homeowner.

The company has more than 60 series of ceramic, porcelain, and glass tile along with they have Della terra quartz which is available in more than 65 colors. They offer R11 Anti – Slip finish on their Aequa, Anthea, Andesia, Konkreta, More wood, Pietra Italia, and Unica porcelain series. They have products like Arabescato Bianco, panther satin, Futura, etc.

Arizona tile gives a variety of choices like rustic castle brick appearance, neutral aesthetic design tile, Nuage quartzite, Fantasy zebra marble, Kalahari granite, Chymia series, Aequa Silva tile, and many more. Above Forty-five years, the company supplies a wide range of marble, quartzite, granite, limestone, slabs, natural stone, tile, etc. The annual revenue of Arizona Tile is $200 million.

3. Anne Sacks

Anne Sacks – Anne Sacks started her career in this business just by chance. In 1980, she saw some multicolored Mexican Talavera tiles being sold while shopping for a wedding dress and then from there she got the inspiration. With her entrepreneurial mind, she started the business without any second thought.

They Have many showrooms across the country. In the beginning, she started her career in her own Portland, Oregon bungalow. In 2011, Anne Sacks opened her first international showroom in London. Now the company has expanded across the globe.

They have a slogan – ” There’s always room for more beauty”. And they justify this with their wonderful collection. They have ceramic, glass, porcelain, mosaic, concrete, stone, and terra cotta tiles. They provide tiles for your bedrooms, powder rooms, living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors, and many more. Read Also: Standard Room Size.

This particular company serves surreal thoughts, classiness, beauty, perfection, and eye-arresting decent pieces of products to their customers that create a dreamland called a home worth living.

4. Florida Tile

Florida Tile is another best tiles manufacturer in the whole USA. The company was started as a small business by Jimmy Skies in 1954. In their beginning years, this company started to produce only a specific kind of tiles which were very rare. But over the course of time, they used various business methods, ideas, and technologies and achieved great success in this field.

Florida Tile was established in Lakeland, Florida. They manufacture their products in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, and from there, the products are distributed through distribution centers. They have a wide range of porcelain floor & wall tiles, ceramic wall tiles, natural stone, glass, metal tiles, etc. They provide filled & honed, glossy, tumbled, polished, silk, matte, unglazed, and many more finish tiles.

The company has faced many ups and downs. Transfer of ownership and budget issues have reached so extremely that the company seems to be doomed. But it revived and has grown in full swing. Even many times the company made it to the top 10 business magazines.

5. Pave Tile

Pave Tile, wood, and stone Inc. is a popular tiles company mostly known for its antiqued tiles collection imported from France, England, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Morocco. The company’s headquarters is located at 24 West St, West Hatfield, Massachusetts.

The company is owned by a couple named Emmi Micallef and Francois Micallef. They put their hard work and knowledge and bloom customers’ surreal thoughts into reality. As Francois and Emmi Micallef have mixed cultures in their life, they easily understand every culture which we can see in their art.

They mainly provide historic decorative tile – French oak flooring, chalk gray, Italian reclaimed cement tile, French terracotta tile, delft tiles, English limestone, Zellige tiles, etc. The antique, unique, stylish, and beautiful style of this company mesmerizes all with one look of its product. It is more than a company actually. They run the company as artists and create art.

6. Bedrosians’

In 1948, Bedrosians’ tile started its journey from Central California. It was first a small enterprise of tiles. Over the course of 70 years, the business spread across the country. And now, they have more than 40 branches which are located in several states of the USA like – California, Georgia, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Texas, Florida, etc. They have a tremendous variety of tiles for floors and walls.

Ed Bedrosians started this business. They have all kinds of industrial, residential, and institutional tiles with a market of national and international customers. Their vision is to be the most customer-centric tile company. They have a great variety of porcelain tile, stone products, slabs, etc.

Bedrosians have understood the trends in the market. They follow the trend. They know what is trending in the market and give their customers what they need on that note. Besides their high-quality tiles, they also provide several types of construction tools, setting materials, engineering wood, etc. At present time, Bedrosians’ tile is a well-known name in the field of U.S.A tiles marketing.

7. Hakatai

In 1997, Hakatai started as an importer and distributor of glass tiles. Hakatai glass tiles are mostly for commercial projects. Different shapes, sizes, and traditional, modern, and classy tiles are the main attraction of their stores. But with their growing business, they are very conscious of carbon-free products. Hakatai is an eco-friendly tile company. They have headquarters in Oregon, United States.

Hakatai is a 21st-century environment-friendly company with some amazing work of glass tiles that catches everyone’s eye. Besides their popular glass tile, they also provide natural stone tiles, Recycled wood tiles, metal & glass tile blends, and stone & glass tile blends.

They provide around 30 tile series and every series has its unique specialty. Alchemy Series, Stained Glass, Illusion Series, Metal Series Aventurine, Illusion Series, etc are some examples of them. Hakatai uses 30 – 70% of glass from waste material like glass bottles and other waste glasses. These glass tiles are very popular for their error-free installations.

8. Modwalls

Modwalls is another best tile company in the whole USA. They are popular for their colorful, fresh, high-quality, and artisan tile. The company was started in 2005 and the present headquarters is located at 800 Estates Dr #100, Aptos, CA 95003, USA.

They produce handmade tiles that are unique and eye-arresting. They know the choices of people in this era. The products are a mix of mid-century design and contemporary aesthetics. According to the customer’s choice, they create bright vibrant color tiles with a decent look. With more than 16 years of experience, Modwalls manufactures porcelain, ceramic, cork tile, etc.

9. Bisazza

Bisazza is a luxurious brand well known for its luxurious and uniquely designed products. In 1956, Renato Bisazza established this mosaic company in Alte, Vicenza, northern Italy. Though this company is from Italy, they have occupied the American market very well. Italian people are very artistic and love to portray artistic history incidents even on their walls and floor.

Their tiles are very luxurious and gorgeous. Glass mosaic is the star of their collection. The blend of every color is amazing. The company’s main distribution centers are located in London, Milan, New York, and Paris. Despite those, many other retailers are also located throughout the globe.

10. Clayhaus Ceramics

Jason and Megan Coleman created this stunning color-based tile company. The artisans of this company do clay extrusion, hand cutting, and even hand-applied glazes perfectly. The products are 100% handmade. Their products are a blend of mid-century designs with modern aesthetics.

Clayhaus is situated in Portland, Oregon. They know how to read customers’ minds and give them their perfect handmade product which is vibrant in color. They have a wide range of colorful products but the most popular one is the matte white ceramic tile which is always very high in demand.


Nowadays, people like to explore their houses. Some need a touch of Oasis, some need a touch of dark and deep jungle, and some want to keep it simple and soothing. All these above companies fulfill customers’ criteria with a wide range of options. With years of experience and hard work, all these companies deliver artistic products and happiness like magic.

Tile companies obviously run because of their products but what is most important is that they do it with their goodwill. With good behavior, stunning products, and good marketing skill, the business of tiles in the USA market is increasing heavily. Without the above-mentioned companies, there are also many popular brands that are very famous in the USA like Mercury Mosaics, Nemo Tile, Marazzi, Florim USA, and many more.

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