The Different Types of Wood and Their Uses

Wood is all around us. It is essential to our daily lives yet most of us are not aware of the various types of wood that are available. What’s more interesting is that different types of wood have varying properties such as hardness, weight, etc.

The first thing which strikes us when we hear the word ‘ wood’ is the furniture that we have in our home. Be it a bed, table, door, window, etc. So to have quality in all those above-mentioned objects we always tend to go for the best one, we go for the luster, shine, and many other qualities.

Every wood has unique qualities. Some are suitable for construction purposes, some for domestic purposes, and many more. If you are interested in knowing the different types of wood present in our world then this blog is for you. So, first, let’s get to know what wood actually is and how it benefits us as in whole.

Wood is the primary product of any trees. Different wood possesses different qualities and is used for various purposes daily. It is renewable and sustainable. Read Also: Types of Hardwood Trees.

The advantages of wood: It helps in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, air and water pollution, and other impacts. Compared to building materials such as Steel and concrete, which generates heavy amounts of harmful pollutants, wood is an excellent exception. Its great insulating ability helps in improving energy efficiency. The manufactured product from wood stores carbon which helps in mitigating climate change providing a good option for materials requiring a big amount of fossil fuel.

Use of Woods: It is used in making various types of furniture, small bridges, houses, short and tall fence posts, wood pallets, paper, fiberboard panels, rayons, and many other synthetic fibers.

Types of wood

As we have stated earlier that there are various kinds of wood varying in their qualities. So let’s learn about the most prominent ones that have the largest industrial applications:

1. Akasa wood

It’s a kind of sapwood and heartwood mainly used in light structural work, flooring, and for all interior-related work. Its grain line is parallel and its color ranges from grey to brown.

2. Ash Wood

This kind of wood has the ability to offer distinct luster when polished. It has a smooth-grained structure and its outer wearing is very hard and reflects light color. Ash Wood is mostly used for frameworks, staircases, making handles of various tools, etc.

3. Balsa wood

Balsa wood is hardwood but it is soft and light in weight, mainly used for surfboards, sports kits, and models(buildings models, airplane models, etc.).

4. Bamboo wood

The most common wood as compared to others and the cheapest one. It can last for a long time as it generally has a light golden color. As bamboo is not affected by moisture it can be used for flooring in wet areas like bathrooms, conservatories, etc. It is also used to make ladders, stairs, chopping boards, etc. Read Also: Advantages and Disadvantages of Bamboo Flooring.

5. Beechwood

One of the hardest durable wood that is mostly found in European, America, Australia, and Japan. It has a homogeneous surface with parallel grain. Beechwood is mostly suitable for any structural work and for making indoor furniture. Although it is a durable wood, it easily rots due to moisture which makes it unsuitable for outdoor use

6. Brazilian Mahogany wood

Brazilian Mahogany wood is rich in color, its color varies from pinkish-brown to reddish-brown. Denser than most of the African mahoganies. Usually, used for boat production, carving, furniture, veneers, musical instruments, etc.

7. Cedarwood

Cedarwood comes with a pinkish-red color. It is durable and does not easily decay or swell even in severe weather conditions. Cedarwood is mostly used for making pencils and several outdoor appliances.

8. Celtis wood

Usually, Celtis wood grain is straight but interconnected. It has a fine texture with a yellow to grey-colored surface. Mainly used for interior work, flooring, molding, etc.

9. Conifer

Conifer wood is a type of softwood with a nearly uniform surface. It is the most popular wood to produce timber.

10. Cherrywood

Cherrywood is a smooth-grained and reddish-brown colored hardwood. The majority in this business believe that it is the best wood for carving because of its softness but hard enough to hold its shape. Due to its rich and beautiful color, it is in high demand for carvings, musical instruments, furniture, and decorative items.